Saira has an amazing gift that greatly benefited me. She was able to give me extremely valuable and accurate insights about where I stand in my journey. These insights allowed me to be much clearer on the direction I should take and the next step forwards. In our times of great challenges and opportunities, Saira’s Magic Connection is not only a great one for someone willing to bring clarity in their life – but for all of humanity.

Benjamin Casteillo - Bali /

My Akashic Records session with Saira was a life changing experience for me.

The first time I met her, 2 years ago, I felt an immediately connection with her, I knew she was special. Last week I was with her daughter and she told me about the Akashic records. I had no doubt that if one day I decided to go into the Records, it would be with her. And so it was.

We connected via zoom, I was calm, I trusted her 100 percent. The session was a very enlightening and healing. It was an injection of fresh air, a shot of energy and clarity.
I had the opportunity to reconcile myself with the past. I had the opportunity to see the present clearly and I had the opportunity to be able to approach the future from another perspective, with new tools.

She guided me towards my light, towards my roots. She showed me the way toward my true self.

I would recommend a session with Saira. She really has a gift. During the session not only can you appreciate the love she puts on everything but also the devotion to her work.

Forever grateful to my dear Saira, I wish you the best and continue spreading the light. Love you.

Elisa - Miami / Human Design Coach

The Akashic reading with Saira was a dream coming true which I had for many many years, I never felt drawn to a reader until a good friend referred her to me. I immediately booked my session and when I saw her first time I knew there is a soulsister in front of me.

I was asking Akasha the “regular” questions.. like about career, money and love… but what came out was on a much deeper level and explained karmic cycles in my that needed to be closed. 5 minutes in and tears were running down my face like crazy… my heart opened, I had insights, downloads and suddenly a true understanding for a very important topic in my life, which I had buried inside of me over a long period of time.
Saira and akasha helped me to see all of this.I can highly highly recommend her to everyone who wants to experience the power and love of such a Journey to your soul! I’m beyond grateful for this opportunity and the love that was given💗 thank you Saira you are magical.

Lisa Licht - Croatia / Personal Coach

Translated from German:

Thank you Saira for the insight into myself, my highest self. Crazy how you could tell me certain things you didn’t even know about me and how my body immediately knew (through your impulses) what was true for me and what the next steps for me were. My vision, which I had been brainstorming for a long time, is now much clearer, I was able to put together all the pictures I had received in the last few weeks and months and – the question at the end hit the nail on the head – I know why I get up in the morning and instead of just chilling, bring that vision into the 3D world now. thank you

Leonard Probst - Germany / Visionary
I had so much fun in my Akashic Record reading with Saira. Her ability to read the records is effortless and joyful. Her energy is upbeat and clear. I loved how she channeled my grandmother so perfectly including her tone and directness. The whole experience was enlightening and pleasurable and I look forward to the next one!


Lindsay Struchen - USA / Life Coach

I had several sessions Akashic Readings with Saira. I found them incredibly insightful and made solid progress in connecting with myself. It helped me a lot in my personal growth. Saira is a very thoughtful and mindful coach. I felt that I was being listened to and heard. She also used her intuition to guide the session perfectly, with significant effect. I’ve cleared some long-standing issues, and I’m very excited about this new chapter in my life! It’s so cool!

Anton Cherkasov - Bali / Founder at Focus

I had a reading with Saira and my mind is blown! In our session the imagery that she shared was powerful and the messages very clear. She picked up on several themes that were top of mind and one specific situation that I had been struggling to make a decision on. The insight and clarity that came through enabled me to make a decision and move forward with peace and confidence. Saira is such a gifted intuitive and Akashic reader – I would highly recommend her to anyone considering booking a session. 

Jennifer Farner - USA /

I have been working with Saira for several years and just recently got introduced to the concept of Akashic Readings through her. It is a challenge for me to even put into words how much this work can transform lives, heal and assist in the embodiment of our true soul purpose.
The akashic records are a beautiful way to receive higher guidance in a powerful yet contained way. Saira is very professional, trustworthy, centered, kind, and strong. I have seen her assist people from all around the world for so many years now and am beyond excited, that more people will now have access to her gifts and guidance.

Aliena - Bali / Model / Video Creator / YouTuber

Saira created an incredibly pleasant and safe atmosphere with her calm considerate nature. I had my first Akashic reading with her and was accordingly excited and quite a bit nervous at first. However, Saira managed to relieve my fear and made me feel at ease and met, with my personal christian faith. I felt like I was receiving a soul surgery, aspects of my life that actively as well as passively burdened me were debunked and uncloaked by her. The depth that can be reached during this therapy amazes me to this day. After the therapy, I was immediately wrapped in a feeling of incredible warmth and security. In addition, the Akashic gift I received was an incredible fit for my situation at that time. I noticed an immediate change that continues to grow to this day. Saira uses her gift in an incredibly precise and moving way, Thank you!

S.Rosa - Germnay / Student

My reading with Saira was beyond my expectations 🙂
I love her energy and I have gained so many insights where I was like, wow that could really impact my life in an amazing way. And even the things that I didn’t really understand in the beginning, are making more and more sense now. It was a pleasure!


Samir / Model / Crypto Trader

Just a few weeks ago I was introduced to the Akashic Readings. I was making my first baby steps towards spirituality and was very excited to have the chance to have an Akashic reading myself. I didn’t really know what to expect but with Saira I have learned a lot about the Akashic and as well about myself. It felt pretty personal and I was shook how accurate and deep a lot of the things were they showed. The most amazing thing for me was to see with how much respect and thought Saira treated the reading of the Akashic. I can recommend it a lot and look forward to the next reading.

Mia.Z / Student, Germany

It has been two weeks since I had my reading and still there is a situation every day where I remember what I was told and this helps me to take better decisions. After some minutes into the reading I got some very important insights and confirmation regarding my spiritual path. It was something Saira personally had no idea about and yet it was so clear and helpful. I was blown away how crystal clear it all became for me and how this clarity is supporting so very much. Saira, as I told you straight away, I am impressed about your seriousness and at the same time how naturally it was all flowing. It is really a great gift you are sharing with the world here. I am very grateful I had the opportunity to get this reading and I can highly recommend it to anyone, wherever you are in your life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this precious opportunity. Lots of love and blessings for your wonderful work. 

Elisabeth Streck / Oneness Coach

In my Akashic reading session with Saira, she helped me by showing me what I was missing on my website. I did not think much of it at the time, but a few months later now I understand why it came through and it is SO potent for me now. She is a wonderful being and such a powerful Akashic reader. She was able to share with me incredible insights on my career with clarity and great detail. I am grateful for her as a guide and an Akashic reader!

Stephanie Lynn- USA / Akashic Trainer
Every interaction with Saira is a whole new mind-blowing experience! I thought our first session was out of this world and then the next session completely blew me away with so many precious moments of “Aha!” and confirmations.
I love that I felt safe and secure. Everything she said was so incredibly on point and I wept so much. It felt like a cleansing of the soul. Thank you Saira for showing up for me and for creating a safe space for me to be vulnerable. As a result of the sessions, I am lighter and have greater certainty regarding my future.
Portia- South Africa / Coaching for Inspiration & Consciousness

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Asma / Pakistan