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Saira Maitreyi

Saira Maitreyi Strobel

My name is Saira Maitreyi and I am an Intuitive Coach and Healer. I was born in 1970 where I entered a very dense 3D world in Pakistan. Life took me to various experiences and directions which allowed me to see life from many perspectives. My boarding school days in England started at the age of 10. At the age of 16 I went to Madrid to study “A” Levels. I did my Masters in Chemical Engineering in London. My working career was in the Banking sector where I was involved in Trading Stocks in Chicago and Singapore. I then went on to settled in Konstanz, Germany to raise 3 amazing souls.

My journey to ME started in 2009 where I had the “clear vision” that I had to go to India. I started my conscious yoga journey at this point. After dissolving a teacher training in Sivananda Yoga and Bikram yoga I started to teach Yoga. With time I got more interested in how the mind worked and belief systems. My outer world started to crash in 2017 which pushed me to do extensive personal healing  – learning the ART of Letting Go, Forgiveness and Self-Forgiveness. What I discovered, as I stripped layers off me, was MY core. I started to get aware of the Extrovert mask I can wear to perform in the outside work, yet my true Self is a highly sensitive introvert.

Discovering and allowing this part of me to emerge more into the foreground made me discover skills that I had which I was using unconsciously in the past. I discovered that I was able to connect very deeply with people because I was always able to see / feel their true Self – which is Pure LOVE. The space I offered people to step into allowed them to be their best and highest versions. My experience in the Yoga world in the past 12 years along with my experience of living in numerous countries and feeling various cultures allows me to have a very open-mind and a broad perspective of life. My passion lies in “assisting” people on their journeys towards goals, dreams or better health.

My deepest belief is : If you can dream it you can do it.

I would love to assist you to Dream it REAL.

What do I do in a session:

I listen closely to what you share. I allow the words to run through my body. After that one or all of the following happens:

– I share with you your limiting beliefs that are between you and what you want
– I see a block that needs to be seen for you to take the next step forward in your life
– I sense negative people / energy in your life
– I give you a message from your higher self / soul
– I give you tools
– I do an energy healing
– I move energy within your body
– I pick up on your life purpose

Each session is very individual. The more open you arrive to ALLOW a miracle to occur the more I can facilitate.

“Eventually we will come to understand, that LOVE heals everything and LOVE is all there is”

Step into


State of Joy and Emotional Freedom, regardless of what is happening around you is the skill, that changes everything in your life – literally!

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