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Whatever we wish to change, transform, improve -
it all starts within

OUR Natural State





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shift into a state of Joy & well-being

The power to initiate transformation in one's own life when using a method that combines working with mind, body, and soul is unmatched. The mind tells a story, life and body follow. The soul - your inner source is always guiding you, whether you are aware of it or not. Aligning those elements will set you free, and truly empower you to step into your highest potential.
Beauty is inside and outside of you
Focus on it!

Saira Maitreyi Strobel

I have been a Yoga teacher and Intuitive Life Coach for 10 years running my own MedYin yoga studios and workshops / retreats. I have been blessed to assist many wonderful people in finding tools and methods to improve their well-being, emotional freedom, level of self-love, and health. As a mother of 3 wonderful children I have the privilege to have gained authentic experience on conscious parenting, relationships, family dynamics and underlying belief systems. If you feel I can assist you, I would be very happy to do so.

The Sessions

When we connect, I will ask you to share your concern. As I listen to you talking, I will align with my higher self and your higher self and receive insights, helpful perspectives, and guidance. We will then reflect and extract tools how these new insights can be applied and integrated. During our interaction, my focus will be to assist you to get back into alignment, which is where your true power lies.  

Pricing Plans

Choose what Serves and Resonates with You or send me an inquiry for further information

Introduction Session

Introduction to how it would be like to work with me for 3 months plus Agreements.



Quantum Leap Transformation

The single session will shine the light of consciousness on what is THE major block, at this current moment in your life, for you to come to the next level of Creation. I will guide you through a process, that I download, after connecting with your spirit / soul. I will be a being of Transformation and Clarity while you go through your process and take the Quantum Leap that you are so ready to do.


90min ZOOM/In-person Session, plus 30min Follow up after 2 weeks

Package 3 months - weekly


12 x 90miN

Package 3 months - every 2 weeks


6 x 90min

Private Spiritual Coaching and GuidAnce

This offer is for Leaders, Executives , and Visionaries who are looking for spiritual / intuitive support while they are setting up a “vision based mission”, which is going to become a part of the paradigm of this planet.
I will be there supporting you, while you set up your project. I will hold space for you to infuse more of your spirit into the project of your vision. I will be offering insight on limiting beliefs that are blocking your path, sense and offer support for selecting team members for your business. I will offer my highly intuitive and psychic skills, which enables me to sense what energies / people are constructive for your business, and what energies / people might hold you in old patterns of self-sabotage or slow down your project. I will assist you to sense / see the timeline that your business has for each major step. I will be someone you can trust at the core and who is a Being of
 Integrity and Transformation. I will be there to serve you and your Vision.

Price on Request


Saira's retreats are for me always an inspiration and a wonderful accompaniment to my personal transformation. Their variety of different Yoga styles, valuable mediations and mindfulness exercises give me many impulses. I come out of the retreats very strengthened and a little bit further grown inwardly. For this I thank Saira very much!
Ich bin sehr dankbar für die Retreats mit Saira. Es ist jedes Mal eine Auszeit, ein Abtauchen in mich selbst. In dieser Zeit wird der Körper durch die unterschiedlichen Yoga-Formen entspannt und gestärkt. Der Kopf wird gefordert nach Innen zu blicken und sich mit dem Herz zu verbinden. Das gibt viel Energie, Kraft und Leichtigkeit für das was kommt.
Ich nutze jede Gelegenheit, beim Yoga mit Saira dabei zu sein. Saira hat die Fähigkeit, die Yogastunden ganz auf die Bedürfnisse der Teilnehmer und Teilnehmerinnen auszurichten. Es gibt mir oft das Gefühl, dass die Stunde direkt für mich zugeschnitten ist. Ihr Yoga wirkt auf so vielen Ebenen und ist deshalb so wirkungsvoll. Danke, liebe Saira. Ich bin weiter dabei.
I returned from this very special retreat, transformed, refreshed, energized, full of inspirations and a well-balanced body and mind. Ready to go on! Thank you so much Saira for this unique soul food.
Quantum Leap / Tranformation session
Yesterday I had a healing experience with Saira. I was very curious and promised  myself to be with the experience the whole time.  We were meeting online. I felt very safe as whe was holding the space for me and I could dive into the deeper realms of my being. The journey led me under her guidance to my future and my past. Pretty amazing and as I got out, I felt light and clear. With a little additional conversation afterwards between the two of us, I went on into my day with a smile on my face.   Saira, thank you!
Wendy from Leiden
Thank you so very much for the session today! It was deeper than anything I have done before and I think that’s what I needed. The eye opener was the connection between the 3 ages and habits/ behaviours/mindset that I have today- actually that was quite amazing! The AHA was that feeling of being stifled- now when I come to think of it arises in many different aspects in my life! I am almost saying 'Phew' at least now I know where things are coming from because like I mentioned to you during the call that I felt that there was something deeper but couldn’t pinpoint it, I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do this by myself. The connection that you picked up on 'not wanting to deal with people/ personalities' and the effect it could be having on lack of client attraction is quite profound- definitely have to pay more attention to that! It was a really great session and no doubt when I listen to the recording again I will find more nuggets 😊 You are doing such great work, I feel that everyone needs sessions like these to overcome blocks and truly evolve!  Thanks again!!

“Eventually we will come to understand, that LOVE heals everything and LOVE is all there is”

Step into


State of Joy and Emotional Freedom, regardless of what is happening around you is the skill, that changes everything in your life – literally!

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